Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Halloween Decorations - Spider Egg Sacks

I found this great picture on Pinterest of these spider egg sacks and knew I needed to make some for Halloween!

They ended up looking like this
What you will need for 1 egg sack is

  1. 1 knee or thigh high white stocking
  2. Baseball or rock
  3. 1-2 packages of 24 count black clip on party favor spiders (I got these at party city for $.99 a package
  4. 1 package of 50 count black mini party favor spiders
  5. 1 package of poly fill Fairfield Poly-Fil Premium Polyester Fiberfill, 12 oz, FOB:MI
  6. Hot glue gun
Plug in your hot glue gun so it can warm up. Then take your baseball and wrap it in the poly-fil.

Stretch your stocking around the wrapped baseball.

Place some small spiders in-between the poly-fil and the stocking.

Put the hot glue on the back of the clip on spiders and press then to the filled stocking one at a time with the most spiders at the bottom and progressively less spiders as you get to the top. 

Total Cost 

Stocking $0 (I already had them) about $5 if you bought them 
Baseball $0 (We already had some) about $3 or use a rock for free
Poly-fil $0 (has some on hand for our Christmas village) about $5
50 ct package of mini spiders $1
2 25ct packages of clip on siders $2

I spent $3 but I made 2 so I spent $4 total
It would probably cost you around $16 or $20 for 2